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Karak Star Paper Recycling

Waste Management is a major challenge for sustainability of nations. Waste management is most often the responsibilities of Governments and municipalities, placing a huge financial burden on public budgets, especially in the developing countries. The Private Sector should play a role since waste recycling is a money saving  investment and its recycled products are important to our daily life.

Jordan produces 2.2 million tons of waste per year, of which 15% to 17% is Paper & Carton Waste (PCW). This waste ends up in dumpsters and landfills. This is  a major environmental problem by itself, since Jordan is the second poorest country in the world in water. Landfills are a major source of pollution of aquifers and underground water.  All PCW could be recycled if the Private Sector is supported to do so. PCW can lead to many different useful by products such as:

–       Goods & Cargo Packaging Materials

–       Packaging Materials for Fruits and Vegetables

–       Paper & Shopping Bags

–       Construction and insulation panels

–       New paper and newspaper rolls

–       Toilet paper and hand towels

Paper and Carton Waste can be recycled up to 7 times. At this moment, Jordan is still very weak in recycling its PCW. Instead, Jordan is exporting this product to markets like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka at very cheap prices.

Karak Star for Recycling will focus on the production of Egg Trays and then later on Fruit and Vegetable packaging (FVP). Many FVP are sourced from the oil industry such as Polystyrene Boxes and Plastic Boxes.  Polystyrene is very inexpensive and it is also is a very terrilble pollutant to the environment. Paper is much less polluting.

Since PCW recycling highly depends on heat and energy to break down the fibers and then dry the paper pulp in molds, Karak Star will look for innovative technique and ideas to reduce the energy foot print. Renewable Energy will be the main focus.

We look forward for all kind of support. We aspire to cover 100% of the local market needs for packaging materials for Eggs, Fruits & Vegetables.


Basel Burgan, R.Ph.
Vice President
Karak Star for Recycling
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