About Us

Karak Star Recycling is a new company established in 2015.  The company is concerned with recycling paper and carton paper (solid waste) into new paper products such as egg trays and apple trays and other packaging materials.

Jordan’s population produces 2.2 million tons of solid waste per year (Jordan Times, May 16th, 2013). Of that, 50% is organic wet waste, about 17% is plastic and 15% is paper & carton (GIZ – Country report on the solid waste management in JORDAN 2014).

Only 7% of Jordanian solid waste is recycled by a big group of garbage scavengers that goes through garbage bins in all cities of Jordan, where some is collected in pick-ups and trucks to be sold in the local recycle industry. There are very few projects started in Amman to separate and recycle,  and other environmental NGOs and schools carry very small and limited projects. All the carton and paper recyclable waste ends up exported outside of Jordan.  Karak Star aims to change this situation and pioneer paper and carton recycling industry in the Kingdom of Jordan.