About Paper Recycling

Karak Star collects waste paper and carton and recycles it into molded paper trays for eggs. Karak Star is located in the Al-Hussein Bin Abdullah II Industrial Estate 20 km outside the city of Karak in the south of Jordan.  

Karak Star is committed to the broad concept of recycling waste in Jordan for a cleaner environment and for energy efficiency.  At its full capacity, Karak Star will reach 25% of the national market demand for Egg Trays.


With the support of the Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation, in 2018 Karak Star purchased and installed a complete line of machinery to pulp paper and carton waste, press the pulp onto egg tray molds, and dry them to produce the Egg Trays. The manufacturing process, and especially the process to dry the wet paper pulp on the molds, is very energy intensive.  It consumes a great deal of diesel fuel to create and blow hot air to dry the egg trays in a 20 meter long 5 layers dryer.

Karak Star is one of two surviving Jordanian start-ups for paper recycling operations to produce Egg Trays that were established in the past 2 years. Before 2017, Egg Trays were completely imported into Jordan from Saudi Arabia and Egypt due to the low cost of diesel and labor in those markets compared to Jordan.