Akram Madanat Exploratory Trip To China for Karak Star, 2015

Dr. Madanat standing in Shaoshan in the Hunan Provence.

Karak Star General Manager Dr. Akram Madanat visited a number of cities in China in late 2015 to explore manufacturers of paper recycling and egg tray manufacturing equipment.

Dr. Madanat commented that one thing he learned from this trip was the importance of personally visiting the manufacturing operation of the companies that are offering egg tray production lines, because lots of companies offer equipment but in fact only a few are authentic.  Lots of the companies making offers turned out to be middle men.

Although Karak Star did not find an equipment manufacturing partner on this trip, it was informative.  One of the most notable companies that hosted Dr. Madanat was the Zhengzhou Leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou.

The Zhengzhaou Leizhan  company was specialized in paper pulping.

After meeting with this company, Dr. Madanat gained a greater appreciation for the need to carefully sort the raw material of waste paper before the pulping process.


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